GRABOVSKY – Coworking and more!

The first coworking office in Miskolc,but not just for the people who lives in Miskolc.

Coworking – what does it mean?

Imagine that you do not have to pay a full office for your own business. It's enough if you hire a workstation and you'll get an assistant who will pick up your letters and forward it to you if you when you out of the office. So you just have to bring a laptop and it will be your headquarters!

Community, sharing, creative space.

So. You can work in an open office space with people who are also on their own. Who knows? You may be renting a workstation right away with a graphic designer, who you can trust on a job right away, or just a web programmer who can help how to get better your website.

Meeting, discretion, trust.

We give you meeting rooms where you can pick up customers if you want to make a business or you just want to make a job interview. There are two smaller meeting rooms, but if you want to hold a meeting with a team of 15, making a workshop etc. It can be solved with us.

Event space, home service.

This also belongs to our community office for our services. So if you're looking for a bigger event, meet up or a workshop, then of course we could help you. We also welcome you as a start-up entrepreneur or your team of 2-3 people and you do not even have to think about the headquarters.

Garden party.

We are proud of our little garden, which you do not even think is in downtown. So not only can you have coffee in our dining room, but you can sit back and relax when you are looking for a little chill during work. In the season we would like to have breakfasts and various events here.

It's still there.

Networking. Imagine how many people can hire a workstation and make it easy to build relationships with everybody. You will save a lot of unnecessary phones, since you can easily move one another's chariot.


Trainings and events.

We will tailor training on demand. If you would like to invite artists who you like to learn from.



We are THE FIRST coworking space in our region. Miskolc is a backward area where many entrepreneurs are young and do not have enough money to start a business.

In this not rich area GRABOVSKY helps to:

- startups

- keep trainings

- workshops

- meetup meetup and meetup

- a cheap office minimum for the half price than the avarage office rental

- talent support

- networking

- inspiring


Here is our bank account: 10700086-22691507-51100005


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